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Check here for the most fine tuned Tips for SSC Sub-Inspector CPO SI Exam 2022. As a person preparing for competitive exams, you should realise that the people you are competing with might not be wasting all this time on futile activities. That is what makes all the difference between their rank and yours. A basic difference between a selected candidate and a rejected candidate is the lack of time management. Agreed that some people are naturally gifted with higher IQs but science has proven that you can actually train your brain to be a lot smarter than you were. As SSC CPO is one of the toughest exam, you should buckle up and leave no stone unturned. Here are some golden tips for you which will help you in your preparation guide for SSC CPO 2022 Exam.

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SSC CPO Tips 2022, Best Exam Guide Of SSC Sub-Inspector Exam

  1. Make a Proper Study Schedule

Before you start your preparation make a study schedule and cover all the topics of the SSC CGL syllabus. Follow your study schedule rigorously. Complete the scheduled topic of the syllabus on the pre decided date as per your study schedule.

  1. Revision is the Key

Once you complete your syllabus, spare your time for revision. Focus on the topics in which you are not performing well. Revision will help you in boosting your confidence and preparation as well.

  1. Practice Mock Test

It is very important that you practice mock test on regular intervals. It will help you in analyzing which topics and which section you need more practice. Rather than just attempting mock tests, try to learn how you can increase your speed and accuracy after each tests.

  1. Solve Previous Year Paper

Solving previous year question paper will help you to understand the pattern of exam as well as the topics which are asked frequently. This will help you to increase your score and get an edge over others.

  1. Be Clam and Patient

Many Aspirants panics as the exam approaches and even after preparing well could not do well in the main exams. You have to be calm and should take any stress. Just believe in yourself and things will fall accordingly.

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