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Here is the full list of KPSC KAS Question Papers in a year-wise and subject-wise manner. Get past years question papers of Karnataka KAS Prelims and Mains Exams. Find KPSC Gazetted Probationers Question Papers of Last 21 Years. Download test papers of KAS previous years exams along with answer key. Your search ends here if you are looking for Karnataka Administrative Service Exam Papers. KPSC KAS Online Practice test series of all subjects are available here. Solved Karnataka KAS Exam Papers in downloadable pdf format. Check the following tables to download your desired test paper for free.

KPSC KAS Question Papers Solved Pdf Download

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Candidates can download Karnataka KAS question papers with answer keys. Solved question papers of KPSC KAS preliminary and mains exam download from the link given here. Table-1 contains question papers of Preliminary exam. Table-2 has direct links to download question papers of Mains written exam. We also recommend to download KPSC KAS Exam Syllabus so that you can prepare better for your upcoming exam. KPSC KAS (Prelims) is consist of Two (2) papers of general knowledge and language tests. Marks of preliminary exam are not counted in final merit. The Main Written Exam contains Seven (7) different papers. Merit is prepared on the basis of score in following merit-making papers.

  1. Essay
  2. General Studies-1
  3. General Studies-2
  4. General Studies-3
  5. General Studies-4
  6. Optional subject-1
  7. Optional subject-2

KPSC KAS Question Papers Gazetted Probationers (Preliminary) Examination

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View and download KPSC KAS Prelims exam papers. Get Karnataka Gazetted Probationers (Preliminary) Examination question papers in downloadable pdf format. Karnataka KAS result of prelims exam is also updated.

Year Name of Exam Question Paper
2017 KAS Preliminary Exam Paper-2 View paper
2017 KAS Preliminary Exam Paper-1 View paper
2015 KAS Preliminary Exam,Paper-1 Download
2015 KAS Preliminary Exam,Paper-2 Download
2014 KAS Preliminary Exam,Paper-1 Download
2014 KAS Preliminary Exam,Paper-2 Download

KPSC KAS Question Papers Gazetted Probationers (Mains) Examination

View and download KPSC KAS Main Written exam papers. Karanataka KAS Mains exam consists of Two qualifying papers, Five compulsory papers, and Two Optional subject papers. To get a better idea of expected score you can check past years’ KPSC Cutoff Marks of KAS Exam.

Year Name of Exam and Subject Question Paper
2017 English View paper
2017 Kannada View paper
2017 Essay View paper
2017 General Studies (Paper-4) View paper
2017 General Studies (Paper-3) View paper
2017 General Studies (Paper-2) View paper
2017 General Studies (Paper-1) View paper
2015 Agriculture Download
2015 Animal Husbandry, Veterinary Sciences and Fisheries Download
2015 Anthropology Download
2015 Botany Download
2015 Chemistry Download
2015 Civil Engineering Download
2015 Commerce and Accountancy Download
2015 Economics Download
2015 Electrical Engineering Download
2015 English Compulsory Download
2015 English Literature Download
2015 Essay Download
2015 Geography Download
2015 Geology Download
2015 General Studies-1 Download
2015 General Studies-2 Download
2015 General Studies-3 Download
2015 General Studies-4 Download
2015 Hindi Download
2015 History Download
2015 Kannada Compulsory Download
2015 Kannada Literature Download
2015 Law Download
2015 Management Download
2015 Mathematics Download
2015 Mechanical Engineering Download
2015 Philosophy Download
2015 Physics Download
2015 Political Science and International Relations Download
2015 Psychology Download
2015 Public Administration Download
2015 Rural Development & Co-Operation Download
2015 Sociology Download
2015 Statistics Download
2015 Urdu Download
2015 Zoology Download
2014 Agriculture Download
2014 Animal Husbandry, Veterinary Sciences and Fisheries Download
2014 Anthropology Download
2014 Botany Download
2014 Chemistry Download
2014 Civil Engineering Download
2014 Commerce and Accountancy Download
2014 Economics Download
2014 Electrical Engineering Download
2014 English Compulsory Download
2014 English Literature Download
2014 Essay Download
2014 Geography Download
2014 Geology Download
2014 General Studies-1 Download
2014 General Studies-2 Download
2014 General Studies-3 Download
2014 General Studies-4 Download
2014 Hindi Download
2014 History Download
2014 Kannada Compulsory Download
2014 Kannada Literature Download
2014 Law Download
2014 Management Download
2014 Mathematics Download
2014 Mechanical Engineering Download
2014 Philosophy Download
2014 Physics Download
2014 Political Science and International Relations Download
2014 Psychology Download
2014 Public Administration Download
2014 Rural Development & Co-Operation Download
2014 Sociology Download
2014 Statistics Download
2014 Urdu Download
2014 Zoology Download
2011 Agriculture Download
2011 Animal Husbandry, Veterinary Sciences and Fisheries Download
2011 Anthropology Download
2011 Botany Download
2011 Chemistry Download
2011 Civil Engineering Download
2011 Commerce and Accountancy Download
2011 Criminology Download
2011 Economics Download
2011 Electrical Engineering Download
2011 English Compulsory Download
2011 English Literature Download
2011 Geography Download
2011 Geology Download
2011 General Studies Download
2011 Hindi Download
2011 History Download
2011 Kannada Compulsory Download
2011 Kannada Literature Download
2011 Law Download
2011 Mathematics Download
2011 Mechanical Engineering Download
2011 Philosophy Download
2011 Physics Download
2011 Political Science and International Relations Download
2011 Public Administration Download
2011 Rural Development & Co-Operation Download
2011 Sociology Download
2011 Statistics Download
2011 Urdu Download
2011 Zoology Download
2010 Agriculture Download
2010 Animal Husbandry, Veterinary Sciences and Fisheries Download
2010 Anthropology Download
2010 Botany Download
2010 Chemistry Download
2010 Civil Engineering Download
2010 Commerce and Accountancy Download
2010 Criminology Download
2010 Economics Download
2010 Electrical Engineering Download
2010 English Compulsory Download
2010 English Literature Download
2010 Geography Download
2010 Geology Download
2010 General Studies Download
2010 Hindi Download
2010 History Download
2010 Kannada Compulsory Download
2010 Kannada Literature Download
2010 Law Download
2010 Management Download
2010 Mathematics Download
2010 Mechanical Engineering Download
2010 Philosophy Download
2010 Physics Download
2010 Political Science and International Relations Download
2010 Psychology Download
2010 Public Administration Download
2010 Rural Development & Co-Operation Download
2010 Sociology Download
2010 Urdu Download
2010 Zoology Download
2008 Agriculture Download
2008 Animal Husbandry, Veterinary Sciences and Fisheries Download
2008 Anthropology Download
2008 Botany Download
2008 Chemistry Download
2008 Civil Engineering Download
2008 Commerce and Accountancy Download
2008 Criminology Download
2008 Economics Download
2008 Electrical Engineering Download
2008 English Compulsory Download
2008 English Literature Download
2008 Geography Download
2008 Geology Download
2008 General Studies Download
2008 History Download
2008 Kannada Compulsory Download
2008 Kannada Literature Download
2008 Law Download
2008 Management Download
2008 Mathematics Download
2008 Mechanical Engineering Download
2008 Philosophy Download
2008 Physics Download
2008 Political Science and International Relations Download
2008 Psychology Download
2008 Public Administration Download
2008 Rural Development & Co-Operation Download
2008 Sociology Download
2008 Statistics Download
2008 Zoology Download
2006 Agriculture Download
2006 Animal Husbandry, Veterinary Sciences and Fisheries Download
2006 Anthropology Download
2006 Botany Download
2006 Chemistry Download
2006 Commerce and Accountancy Download
2006 Criminology Download
2006 Economics Download
2006 Electrical Engineering Download
2006 English Compulsory Download
2006 English Literature Download
2006 Geography Download
2006 Geology Download
2006 General Studies Download
2006 History Download
2006 Kannada Compulsory Download
2006 Kannada Literature Download
2006 Law Download
2006 Management Download
2006 Mathematics Download
2006 Mechanical Engineering Download
2006 Philosophy Download
2006 Physics Download
2006 Political Science and International Relations Download
2006 Psychology Download
2006 Public Administration Download
2006 Rural Development & Co-Operation Download
2006 Sociology Download
2006 Statistics Download
2006 Zoology Download
2005 Agriculture Download
2005 Animal Husbandry, Veterinary Sciences and Fisheries Download
2005 Anthropology Download
2005 Botany Download
2005 Chemistry Download
2005 Civil Engineering Download
2005 Commerce and Accountancy Download
2005 Criminology Download
2005 Economics Download
2005 Electrical Engineering Download
2005 English Compulsory Download
2005 English Literature Download
2005 Geography Download
2005 Geology Download
2005 General Studies Download
2005 Hindi Download
2005 History Download
2005 Kannada Compulsory Download
2005 Kannada Literature Download
2005 Law Download
2005 Management Download
2005 Mathematics Download
2005 Mechanical Engineering Download
2005 Philosophy Download
2005 Physics Download
2005 Political Science and International Relations Download
2005 Psychology Download
2005 Public Administration Download
2005 Rural Development & Co-Operation Download
2005 Sociology Download
2005 Statistics Download
2005 Urdu Download
2005 Zoology Download
2002 Agriculture Download
2002 Animal Husbandry, Veterinary Sciences and Fisheries Download
2002 Anthropology Download
2002 Botany Download
2002 Chemistry Download
2002 Civil Engineering Download
2002 Commerce and Accountancy Download
2002 Criminology Download
2002 Economics Download
2002 Electrical Engineering Download
2002 English Download
2002 Geography Download
2002 Geology Download
2002 General Studies Download
2002 Hindi Download
2002 History Download
2002 Kannada Compulsory Download
2002 Kannada Literature Download
2002 Law Download
2002 Management Download
2002 Mathematics Download
2002 Mechanical Engineering Download
2002 Philosophy Download
2002 Physics Download
2002 Political Science and International Relations Download
2002 Psychology Download
2002 Public Administration Download
2002 Rural Development & Co-Operation Download
2002 Statistics Download
2002 Urdu Download
2002 Zoology Download
1999 Agriculture Download
1999 Animal Husbandry, Veterinary Sciences and Fisheries Download
1999 Anthropology Download
1999 Botany Download
1999 Chemistry Download
1999 Civil Engineering Download
1999 Commerce and Accountancy Download
1999 Criminology Download
1999 Economics Download
1999 Electrical Engineering Download
1999 English Download
1999 Geography Download
1999 Geology Download
1999 General Studies Download
1999 Hindi Download
1999 History Download
1999 Kannada Download
1999 Law Download
1999 Management Download
1999 Mathematics Download
1999 Mechanical Engineering Download
1999 Philosophy Download
1999 Physics Download
1999 Political Science and International Relations Download
1999 Psychology Download
1999 Public Administration Download
1999 Rural Development & Co-Operation Download
1999 Sociology Download
1999 Statistics Download
1999 Urdu Download
1999 Zoology Download
KPSC KAS Question Papers Subject-wise PDF Download

KPSC Syllabus PDFs of all subjects available in downloadable PDFs. Previous exam papers give much better idea of the structure of written test. Here you download KAS GS Question Papers and all other subjects of Main Written Exam. This is the best page to get genuine Karnataka KPSC KAS exam papers and online practice series.

Karnataka KPSC KAS Question Papers Final Words

You are advised to check KAS exam pattern carefully before appearing in written test. KPSC exam papers can also be downloaded for much better preparation. If you have any query, or have a suggestion please give your input through comment-box.

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