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Haryana Staff Selection Commission (HSSC) Answer Key 2020: This page provides the HSSC Answer Key of written examinations conducted for various posts. Check and download HSSC Clerk Answer Key, Haryana Police Final Key 2019, HSSC Exam Key of Written OMR Tests. Haryana Staff Selection Commission has been established with the purpose of recruiting capable competent, and skilled individuals by conducting written tests, professional tests (Typing, Programming, Short Hand etc.) and interviews. Find the HSSC Answer Key Link here on this page. Here we are listing all of the answer keys, released by Haryana Staff Selection Commission. Candidates may direct download the provisional ones as well as final answer keys of HSSC exams.

HSSC Answer Key Download Pdf

HSSC Interview Dates

Download HSSC answer key sets of written examinations conducted by Haryana Staff Selection Commission.

Advt.No.Exam NameExam DateHSSC Answer Key
11/2019(Cat.6)Protection Assistant03.03.2020 EveningDownload
11/2019(Cat.6)Protection Assistant03.03.2020 AfternoonDownload
11/2019(Cat.6)Protection Assistant03.03.2020 MorningDownload
11/2019(Cat.7)Store Assistant02.03.2020 EveningDownload
11/2019(Cat.7)Store Assistant02.03.2020 AfternoonDownload
11/2019(Cat.7)Store Assistant02.03.2020 MorningDownload
11/2019(Cat.27)Upper Divisional Clerk01.03.2020 EveningDownload
11/2019(Cat.8)Section Officer Account01.03.2020 AfternoonDownload
11/2019(Cat.18)Junior Accountant01.03.2020 MorningDownload
12/2019Craft Instructor (women) cutting & sewing (Theory)23.02.2020 MorningDownload
12/2019Junior Programer23.02.2020 EveningDownload
12/2019Group Instructor In-Charge (Women) / Group Instructor (Women) for TTC in Fashion Technology, cutting and sewing, Embroidary and Needle Work, Dress Making23.02.2020 AfternoonDownload
12/2019Storekeeper20.02.2020 MorningDownload
12/2019Interior Decoration and Designing Instructor (Theory)22.02.2020 EveningDownload
12/2019Surveyor Instructor (Theory)22.02.2020 AfternoonDownload
12/2019Forger & Heat Treator (Black Smith) Instructor (Theory)22.02.2020 MorningDownload
12/2019Employability Skill Instructor20.02.2020 EveningDownload
12/2019Information Technology and Electronics System Maintenance Instructor (Theory)20.02.2020 AfternoonDownload
12/2019Computer Operator19.02.2020 AfternoonDownload
12/2019Group Instructor/ Apprenticeship Supervisor/ Sr.Technical Assistant / Jr.Apprenticeship and Placement Officer/Sheet Metal Worker Instructor (Theory)19.02.2020 MorningDownload
11/2019LDC (Field Cadre)29.02.2020 MorningDownload
11/2019LDC (Field Cadre)29.02.2020 AfternoonDownload
11/2019LDC (Field Cadre)29.02.2020 EveningDownload
11/2019LDC (Head Office Cadre)28.02.2020 Morning(1)Download
11/2019LDC (Head Office Cadre)28.02.2020 Morning(2)Download
11/2019LDC (Head Office Cadre)28.02.2020 AfternoonDownload
11/2019LDC (Head Office Cadre)28.02.2020 EveningDownload
11/2019Junior System Engineer27.02.2020 MorningDownload
11/2019Junior System Engineer27.02.2020 AfternoonDownload
11/2019Junior System Engineer27.02.2020 EveningDownload
11/2019LDC (Field Cadre), Cat.2626.02.2020 MorningDownload
11/2019LDC (Field Cadre), Cat.2626.02.2020 AfternoonDownload
11/2019LDC (Field Cadre), Cat.2626.02.2020 EveningDownload
11/2019LDC (Field Cadre), Cat.425.02.2020 MorningDownload
11/2019LDC (Field Cadre), Cat.425.02.2020 AfternoonDownload
11/2019LDC (Field Cadre), Cat.425.02.2020 EveningDownload
11/2019UDC (Field Cadre), Cat.1424.02.2020 EveningDownload
11/2019Divisional Accountant24.02.2020 AfternoonDownload
11/2019Junior Software Developer24.02.2020 MorningDownload
12/2019Librarian18.12.2019 AfternoonDownload
12/2019Mechanic Computer Hardware Instructor (Theory)18.12.2019 MorningDownload
12/2019Carpenter Instructor (Theory)17.12.2019 AfternoonDownload
12/2019Plumber Instructor (Theory)17.12.2019 MorningDownload
12/2019Draughtsman Civil Instructor (Theory)16.12.2019 AfternoonDownload
12/2019Mechanic Agriculture Machinery Instructor (Theory)16.12.2019 MorningDownload
12/2019Mechanic Electronics Instructor (Theory)15.12.2019 AfternoonDownload
12/2019Draughtsman (Mechanical) Instructor (Theory)15.12.2019 MorningDownload
12/2019Technical Assistant14.12.2019 AfternoonDownload
12/2019Machinist Grinder Instructor (Theory)14.12.2019 MorningDownload
12/2019Sheet Metal Worker Instructor (Theory)13.12.2019 AfternoonDownload
12/2019Wireman Instructor (Theory)13.12.2019 MorningDownload
12/2019Millwright Mechanic (Electrical /Electronics) Instructor (Theory)12.12.2019 AfternoonDownload
12/2019Computer Operator and Programming Assistant Instructor (Theory)12.12.2019 MorningDownload
12/2019Electrician Instructor (Theory)11.12.2019 AfternoonDownload
12/2019Tool & Die Marker (Dies & Moulds) Instructor (Theory)11.12.2019 MorningDownload
12/2019Apprenticeship Instructor (Re-advertised)10.12.2019 AfternoonDownload
12/2019Apprenticeship Instructor (Re-advertised)10.12.2019 MorningDownload
12/2019Mechanic Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Instructor (Theory)09.12.2019 AfternoonDownload
12/2019Mechanic Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Instructor (Theory)09.12.2019 MorningDownload
12/2019Computer Instructor (Re-advertised)08.12.2019 AfternoonDownload
12/2019Tractor Mechanic Instructor (Theory)08.12.2019 MorningDownload
12/2019Engineering Drawing Instructor (Re-advertised)07.12.2019 AfternoonDownload
12/2019Engineering Drawing Instructor (Re-advertised)07.12.2019 MorningDownload
12/2019Workshop Calculation & Science Instructor (Re-advertised)06.12.2019 AfternoonDownload
12/2019Workshop Calculation & Science Instructor (Re-advertised)06.12.2019 MorningDownload
12/2019Mechanic Diesel Instructor (Theory)05.12.2019 AfternoonDownload
12/2019Millwright Mechanic (Mechanical) Instructor05.12.2019 MorningDownload
12/2019Mechanic Motor Vehicle Instructor (Theory)04.12.2019 AfternoonDownload
12/2019Machinist Instructor (Theory)04.12.2019 MorningDownload
12/2019Welder (Gas & Electric) Instructor (Theory)03.12.2019 AfternoonDownload
5/2019Clerk23.09.2019 MorningDownload
5/2019Clerk23.09.2019 EveningDownload
5/2019Clerk22.09.2019 MorningDownload
5/2019Clerk22.09.2019 EveningDownload
5/2019Clerk21.09.2019 EveningDownload
10/2019Junior Engineer – Civil01.09.2019 MorningDownload
10/2019Junior Engineer – Electrical01.09.2019 EveningDownload
10/2019Junior Engineer – Mechanical01.09.2019 NoonDownload
10/2019Junior Engineer – Horticulture01.09.2019 NoonDownload
1/2018Junior Coach – Taekwondo21.04.2019Download
1/2018Junior Coach – Weight Lifting21.04.2019Download
1/2018Junior Coach – Table Tennis05.04.2019Download
1/2018Junior Coach – Juddo21.04.2019Download
1/2018Junior Coach – Gymnastics21.04.2019Download
1/2018Junior Coach – FootballApril 2019Download
1/2018Junior Coach – Fencing21.04.2019Download
1/2018Junior Coach – Boxing05.04.2019Download
1/2018Junior Coach – Badminton05.04.2019Download
1/2018Junior Coach – Kabaddi06.04.2019Download
1/2018Junior Coach – Kho-Kho21.04.2019Download
1/2018Junior Coach – Basket Ball06.04.2019Download
1/2018Junior Coach – Hand Ball21.04.2019Download
1/2018Junior Coach – Hockey21.04.2019Download
1/2018Junior Coach – Volley Ball21.04.2019Download
1/2018Junior Coach – Wrestling21.04.2019Download
1/2018Junior Coach – Archery21.04.2019Download
1/2019Junior Engineer – ElectricalMorning sessionDownload
1/2019Junior Engineer – ElectricalEvening sessionDownload
1/2019Junior Engineer – ElectricalAfternoon sessionDownload
3/2018Male Constable (GD) – Haryana PoliceEvening sessionDownload
3/2018Male Constable (GD) – Haryana PoliceMorning sessionDownload
4/2018Group-D Exam10.11.2018 (Morning & Evening)Download
4/2018Group-D Exam11.11.2018 (Morning)Download
4/2018Group-D Exam11.11.2018 (Evening)Download
4/2018Group-D Exam17.11.2018 (Morning)Download
4/2018Group-D Exam17.11.2018 (Evening)Download
4/2018Group-D Exam18.11.2018 (Morning)Download
4/2018Group-D Exam18.11.2018 (Evening)Download

HSSC Final Answer Key 2018-19…

HSSC Result

Download HSSC final answer key sets of written tests conducted by Haryana Staff Selection Commission.

HSSC ExamHSSC Answer Key
Latest Govt Jobs in Haryana…
  • Helpline: +91-172-2566597
  • HSSC website: www.hssc.gov.in

HSSC (Jobs, Results, Question Papers)
HSSC Advt.15/2019 Staff Nurse, Lab Technician, VLDA, Female Supervisor
» Application Date: 20.09.2019 to 09.10.2019
» Application Fees: Rs.100/- & Rs.150/-
PGT Teaching Jobs in Haryana 2019 | HSSC 3864 Posts, Notification, Syllabus, Apply
» Application Date: 02.09.2019 to 18.09.2019
» Application Fees: Rs.500/- & Rs.125/-

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