Kerala High Court Previous Exams’ Question Papers, Free Download Pdf

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Free Download Pdf Kerala High Court Previous Exams’ Question Papers: Are you searching for previous years’ exam papers of Kerala High Court? Just stop roaming around the web! Here we are listing High Court Kerala Question Papers of all years, and all posts. Get free download pdf copy of Assistant, Chauffeur, Confidential Assistant, District & Sessions Judge and several other recruitment exams conducted by Kerala High Court. Download HC Kerala examinations question papers, test papers, practice sets and answer key with solutions which were held in recent years. As well as last 15 years question papers of High Court Kerala also available.

High Court Kerala Last Years Question Papers Download Pdf

Download old question papers of Kerala Judicial Test(Higher), Munsiff-Magistrate, Office Procedure Test, Principal Counsellor, Personal Assistant, Telephone Operator, Translator etc. Free download pdf copy of High Court Kerala last years question papers. Appearing candidates may also check syllabus, exam pattern and newly announced naukri jobs in High Court Kerala.

Kerala High Court Previous Exams’ Question Papers, Free Download Pdf

Exam NameQuestion Paper
Assistant,2014 Descriptive PaperDownload
Assistant,2014 Objective PaperDownload
Assistant,2016 Descriptive PaperDownload
Assistant,2016 Objective PaperDownload
Chauffeur Gr.II,2010Download
Chauffeur Gr.II,2015Download
Confidential Assistant Gr.II,2015Download
Confidential Assistant Gr.II,2017Download
District & Sessions Judge,2007 Paper-IDownload
District & Sessions Judge,2007 Paper-II,IIIDownload
District & Sessions Judge,2011 Paper-I(NCA)Download
District & Sessions Judge,2011 Paper-IDownload
District & Sessions Judge,2011 Paper-II(NCA)Download
District & Sessions Judge,2011 Paper-IIDownload
District & Sessions Judge,2011 Paper-III(NCA)Download
District & Sessions Judge,2011 Paper-IIIDownload
District & Sessions Judge,2012 Paper-IDownload
District & Sessions Judge,2014 Paper-IDownload
District & Sessions Judge,2014 Paper-IIDownload
District & Sessions Judge,2015 Paper-IDownload
District & Sessions Judge,2015 Paper-IIDownload
District & Sessions Judge,2017 Mains Paper-IDownload
District & Sessions Judge,2017 Mains Paper-IIDownload
Kerala Judicial Test(Higher),2007-2014 Administrative LawDownload
Kerala Judicial Test(Higher),2007-2014 Constitutional LawDownload
Kerala Judicial Test(Higher),2007-2014 Law of ContractsDownload
Kerala Judicial Test(Higher),2007-2014 Jurisprudence & Legal LanguageDownload
Kerala Judicial Test(Higher),2007-2014 Penal LawsDownload
Kerala Judicial Test(Higher),2007-2014 Law of TortsDownload
Kerala Judicial Test(Higher),2008-2014 Company Law/Un-amendedDownload
Kerala Judicial Test(Higher),2008-2014 Family LawDownload
Kerala Judicial Test(Higher),2008-2014 Property LawDownload
Kerala Judicial Test(Higher),2008-2014 Service LawDownload
Kerala Judicial Test(Higher),2009-2014 Civil ProcedureDownload
Kerala Judicial Test(Higher),2009-2014 Criminal ProcedureDownload
Kerala Judicial Test(Higher),2009-2014 Law of ElectionsDownload
Kerala Judicial Test(Higher),2009-2014 Law of Evidence & LimitationDownload
Kerala Judicial Test(Higher),2009-2014 Interpretation of StatutesDownload
Kerala Judicial Test(Higher),2015 All PapersDownload
Kerala Judicial Test(Higher),2016 All PapersDownload
Kerala Judicial Test(Higher),2017 All PapersDownload
Kerala Judicial Test(Higher),2018 All PapersDownload
Munsiff Magistrate,2007 Mains Paper-IDownload
Munsiff Magistrate,2007 Mains Paper-IIDownload
Munsiff Magistrate,2007 Mains Paper-IIIDownload
Munsiff Magistrate,2007 Mains Paper-IVDownload
Munsiff Magistrate,2007 Mains Paper-VDownload
Munsiff Magistrate,2007 PreliminaryDownload
Munsiff Magistrate,2009 Mains Paper-IDownload
Munsiff Magistrate,2009 Mains Paper-IIDownload
Munsiff Magistrate,2009 Mains Paper-IIIDownload
Munsiff Magistrate,2009 Mains Paper-IVDownload
Munsiff Magistrate,2009 PreliminaryDownload
Munsiff Magistrate,2009 Mains Paper-I(NCA)Download
Munsiff Magistrate,2009 Mains Paper-II(NCA)Download
Munsiff Magistrate,2009 Mains Paper-III(NCA)Download
Munsiff Magistrate,2009 Mains Paper-IV(NCA)Download
Munsiff Magistrate,2009 Preliminary(NCA)Download
Munsiff Magistrate,2011 Mains Paper-IDownload
Munsiff Magistrate,2011 Mains Paper-IIDownload
Munsiff Magistrate,2011 Mains Paper-IIIDownload
Munsiff Magistrate,2011 Mains Paper-IVDownload
Munsiff Magistrate,2011 PreliminaryDownload
Munsiff Magistrate,2011 Mains Paper-I(NCA)Download
Munsiff Magistrate,2011 Mains Paper-II(NCA)Download
Munsiff Magistrate,2011 Mains Paper-III(NCA)Download
Munsiff Magistrate,2011 Mains Paper-IV(NCA)Download
Munsiff Magistrate,2011 Preliminary(NCA)Download
Munsiff Magistrate,2012 Mains Paper-IDownload
Munsiff Magistrate,2012 Mains Paper-IIDownload
Munsiff Magistrate,2012 Mains Paper-IIIDownload
Munsiff Magistrate,2012 Mains Paper-IVDownload
Munsiff Magistrate,2012 PreliminaryDownload
Munsiff Magistrate,2013 Mains Paper-IDownload
Munsiff Magistrate,2013 Mains Paper-IIDownload
Munsiff Magistrate,2013 Mains Paper-IIIDownload
Munsiff Magistrate,2013 Mains Paper-IVDownload
Munsiff Magistrate,2013 PreliminaryDownload
Munsiff Magistrate,2016 Mains Paper-IDownload
Munsiff Magistrate,2016 Mains Paper-IIDownload
Munsiff Magistrate,2016 Mains Paper-IIIDownload
Munsiff Magistrate,2016 Mains Paper-IVDownload
Munsiff Magistrate,2016 PreliminaryDownload
Munsiff Magistrate,2017 Mains Paper-IDownload
Munsiff Magistrate,2017 Mains Paper-IIDownload
Munsiff Magistrate,2017 Mains Paper-IIIDownload
Munsiff Magistrate,2017 Mains Paper-IVDownload
Munsiff Magistrate,2017 PreliminaryDownload
Munsiff Magistrate,2019 Mains Paper-IDownload
Munsiff Magistrate,2019 Mains Paper-IIDownload
Munsiff Magistrate,2019 Mains Paper-IIIDownload
Munsiff Magistrate,2019 Mains Paper-IVDownload
Munsiff Magistrate,2019 PreliminaryDownload
Office Procedure Test,2007(1)Download
Office Procedure Test,2007(2)Download
Office Procedure Test,2008(1)Download
Office Procedure Test,2008(2)Download
Office Procedure Test,2009(1)Download
Office Procedure Test,2009(2)Download
Office Procedure Test,2010(1)Download
Office Procedure Test,2010(2)Download
Office Procedure Test,2012(1)Download
Office Procedure Test,2012(2)Download
Office Procedure Test,2013Download
Office Procedure Test,2014(1)Download
Office Procedure Test,2014(2)Download
Office Procedure Test,2015(1)Download
Office Procedure Test,2015(2)Download
Office Procedure Test,2016Download
Office Procedure Test,2017(1)Download
Office Procedure Test,2017(2)Download
Office Procedure Test,2018(1)Download
Personal Assistant to Judge,2017Download
Principal Counsellor,2011Download
Telephone Operator,2019Download
Kerala High Court Exams’ Study Material

Appearing candidates may also consider downloading free study material of Kerala High Court. This includes examination scheme, syllabus and free e-books. Old question papers of High Court Kerala can be a better source to get an idea of examination structure. This page offers free pdf download Kerala High Court question papers of Personal Assistant, Kerala Judicial Test(Higher), Assistant, Munsiff-Magistrate, Chauffeur, Office Procedure Test, Confidential Assistant, Principal Counsellor, Telephone Operator, District & Sessions Judge and Translator posts. Keep free downloading, exploring, sharing and commenting.

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