Stenographer Examination Pattern and Syllabus

Download detailed syllabus, pattern and scheme of examination for selection to the post of Stenographer in India. This page provides the updated syllabus for the post of Stenographer in both languages i.e, Hindi and English. The provided examination syllabus is free of cost and you can count on it with full belief.

What Is A Stenographer?

A stenographer (also commonly known as Steno) transcribes the spoken words by typing them into a steno codes. Earlier this work was done on steno machines but in the present era of technology the same is done on computer. The Stenography Skill Test is conducted on personal computer only without editing tools and spell check facility. Fast and accurate typing skills are vital for a stenographer job.

Examination Pattern for Stenographer Job

Generally the question paper for the posts of Stenographer consist of two parts. Though this is a single composite paper, candidates are required to qualify in each of the two parts separately. Below in provided table is the scheme of examination.

Test Speed Duration of Test Transcription Time
English 80 words per minute 10 minutes 50 minutes
Hindi 80 words per minute 10 minutes 65 minutes


  • Every omission of a word or figure including omission of a definite or indefinite article. In case a group of words is omitted, mark as many mistakes as the actual number of words omitted.
  • Every substitution of a wrong word or figure. The number of mistakes will be equal to the number of words/figures dictated which have been replaced/substituted by other word(s)/figure(s).
  • Every addition of a word or figure or a group of words or figures not occurring in the passage.


  • Miss-spelled, including transposition of letters in a word and also omission of a letter or letters from a word.
  • Using singular for plural noun and vice-versa.
  • Wrong use of Capital or small letters at the beginning of the sentence.
Syllabus of Exam for Stenographer Job

Examination Pattern for Stenographer Job

1. Antonyms
2. Synonyms
3. Fill in the Blanks
4. Give one word for
5. Idioms and phrases
6. Corrections in sentences
7. Computer: Input & output devices; MS Office; and basic applications
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