Services Selection Board (SSB) is an organization established by Govt Of India. It vets the candidates for admission into the Armed Forces of India. SSB conducts several personality and intelligence tests and interviews for the recommendation of suitable candidates. Usually it take 05 days to accomplish the tasks and assessment tests. Stage-wise tasks of SSB Interview Process can be checked at this page. It is mandatory all candidates to face all this steps who wish to join the Indian Armed Forces.

SSB Interview Procedure…

  • Day 1: Screening examinations
  • Day 2: Psychological tests
  • Day 3: Group testing tasks
  • Day 4: Group testing tasks
  • Day 5: Final assessment, results & conference

The stage-wise details of the tests and tasks are provided below. You must prepare well yourself bodily and mentally to face the following stages.

SSB Interview: Stage-1

1. Screening: A few simple, not much hard, activities will be given. Following tests shall be conducted to examine the potential candidates.

  • Verbal and Non-verbal Test: This will have some simple, not hard, questions. The questions could be textual or visual.
  • PPDT: This will be Picture Perception and Discussion test. A picture will be shown there for 30 seconds, and later you have to write a story based on the picture in 3 minutes.
SSB Interview: Stage-2

2. Psychological Test: To be conducted to check the psychological suitability of the candidate to be an officer. This will include (a) Thematic Apperception Test [TAT], (b) Word Association Test [WAT], (c) Situation Reaction Test [SRT], (d) Self Description Test [SD]

  • TET: You will be shown back-to-back 11 pictures, and later you have to write a story in 4 minutes based on each picture. 4 separate minutes will be given for each picture.
  • WAT: 60 words will be shown back-to-back, each will remain on the screen for 15 seconds. During 15 seconds you have to write a sentence regarding that word.
  • SRT: A booklet will be given with 60 situations written on it. One has to write his responses, based on these, within 30 minutes.
  • SD: Some writing about your parents, friends, teachers, and yourself. Also have to write regarding the thing(s) you would like to develop in future. Max time for this will be 15 minutes.

3. GTO: This is a series of outdoor tasks. Main aim of GTO is to assess your qualities during group performance.

  • GD: Group discussion on two topics.
  • GPE: Group Planning Exercise.
  • PGT: Progressive group task.
  • IOT: Individual obstacles task.
  • CT: Command task.
  • Race: Snake race/Group obstacle race.
  • Lecture: Each candidate will be giving lecture for 3 mins on a self-selected topic.
  • FGT: Final group task, same like PGT.

4. Interview: This is the main key which plays a vital role in the assessment of candidates. One must be confident while facing the Interviewing Officer in SSB Personal Interview. A single wrong move can tarnish your image and reduce your chances to get recommended.

5. Conference: At this stage, candidates have to face the SSB board members. Candidate will asked few general questions like how was your stay or what did you learn from here? In fact, the conference is conducted just to decide whether or not to recommend you as an Officer in Indian Defence Forces. Conference is a play which ended within some minutes.

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