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NPSC Question Papers: Find ready to download PDF files of NPSC written exam papers. We provide question papers of Nagaland Public Service Commission. Get NCS, CTSE, CESE exam papers of last years. Answer keys of all exams are also provided. Most importantly, all NPSC Solved Question Papers available here are free to all. Your search ends here if you are looking for NPCS Exam Papers with key solutions. Nagaland Public Service Commission Question Papers direct download pdf attachments. Competitive exams question papers of all subjects available here.

NPSC Question Papers NCS,CTSE,CESE [Prelims+Mains] Pdf

Because many aspirants cannot pay for therefore the study material is provided for free. We want to assure that all exam papers are genuine in nature. You may download NPSC Question Papers without any signup or registration. Besides, we also provide NPSC Exam Syllabus, and that’s too free! Go ahead to get online practice test series of Nagaland Public Service Commission. Table-1 has NCS question papers. Table-2 consists exam papers of NPSC CESE. Exam papers of CTSE are provided in Table-3.

NPSC NCS Question Papers Nagaland Civil Service Exams

Get download NPSC Question Papers of Nagaland Civil Service Exams. In addition we would like to elaborate the structure of NCS, NPS, NSS & Allied Services Examination also. NCS Nagaland is consist of Two phase written tests that is (i) Prelims and (ii) Mains. Final merit is based on Mains Written Exam only. However Interview is also equally important. Check following table to download NPSC NCS question papers.

Year of ExamName of SubjectQuestion Paper
NCS,2018Preliminary examinationDownload
NCS,2017Preliminary examinationDownload
NCS,2017Mains, General Studies-2Download
NCS,2017Mains, General Studies-1Download
NCS,2017Mains, General EnglishDownload
NCS,2016Preliminary examinationDownload
NCS,2016Mains, General Studies-2Download
NCS,2016Mains, General Studies-1Download
NCS,2016Mains, General EnglishDownload
NCS,2015Preliminary examinationDownload
NCS,2015Mains, General Studies-2Download
NCS,2015Mains, General Studies-1Download
NCS,2015Mains, General EnglishDownload
NCS,2014Preliminary examinationDownload
NCS,2014Mains, General Studies-2Download
NCS,2014Mains, General Studies-1Download
NCS,2014Mains, General EnglishDownload
NCS,2013Preliminary examinationDownload
NCS,2013Mains, General Studies-2Download
NCS,2013Mains, General Studies-1Download
NCS,2013Mains, General EnglishDownload
NCS,2012Preliminary examinationDownload
NCS,2012Mains, General Studies-2Download
NCS,2012Mains, General Studies-1Download
NCS,2012Mains, General EnglishDownload

NPSC CESE Question Papers Nagaland Common Educational Services Exams

Get download NPSC Question Papers of Nagaland Common Educational Services Exams. In addition we would like to explain the structure of NPSC CESE Examination also. CESE Nagaland is consist of Two written tests that is (i) General English & GK Paper and (ii) Subject Papers. Final merit is based on the score of both papers. Check following table to download NPSC CESE question papers.

Year of ExamName of SubjectQuestion Paper
CESE,2016Computer ScienceDownload
CESE,2016Functional EnglishDownload
CESE,2016General English and General knowledgeDownload
CESE,2016Political ScienceDownload
CESE,2015Computer ScienceDownload
CESE,2015Functional EnglishDownload
CESE,2015General English and General knowledgeDownload
CESE,2015Political ScienceDownload

NPSC CTSE Question Papers Nagaland Combined Technical Services Exams

Get download NPSC Question Papers of Nagaland Combined Technical Services Exams. In addition we would like to explain the scheme and pattern of NPSC CTSE Examination also. CTSE Nagaland is consist of Three written tests that is (i) One General English & GK Paper and (ii) Two Subject Papers. Final merit is based on the score of all three papers. Check following table to download NPSC CTSE question papers.

Year of ExamName of SubjectQuestion Paper
CTSE,2017Mining engineering,DiplomaDownload
CTSE,2017Medical ScienceDownload
CTSE,2017Mechanical engineering,DiplomaDownload
CTSE,2017Mechanical engineering,DegreeDownload
CTSE,2017Information TechnologyDownload
CTSE,2017Industrial engineeringDownload
CTSE,2017General English and GKDownload
CTSE,2017Fishery ScienceDownload
CTSE,2017Electronics and Communication Engineering,DiplomaDownload
CTSE,2017Electronics and Communication Engineering,DegreeDownload
CTSE,2017Electrical Engineering,DiplomaDownload
CTSE,2017Electrical Engineering,DegreeDownload
CTSE,2017Computer Science,DegreeDownload
CTSE,2017Civil Engineering,DiplomaDownload
CTSE,2017Civil Engineering,DegreeDownload
CTSE,2017Chemical Engineering,DegreeDownload
CTSE,2017Automobile Engineering,DiplomaDownload
CTSE,2017Animal Husbandry and Veterinary ScienceDownload
CTSE,2017Agricultural ScienceDownload
CTSE,2017Agricultural Engineering,DegreeDownload
CTSE,2016ZoologyPaper-1 | Paper-2
CTSE,2016StatisticsPaper-1 | Paper-2
CTSE,2016SericulturePaper-1 | Paper-2
CTSE,2016PhysicsPaper-1 | Paper-2
CTSE,2016Physical EducationPaper-1 | Paper-2
CTSE,2016Medical SciencePaper-1 | Paper-2
CTSE,2016Mechanical engineering,DiplomaPaper-1 | Paper-2
CTSE,2016Mechanical engineering,DegreePaper-1 | Paper-2
CTSE,2016MathematicsPaper-1 | Paper-2
CTSE,2016Library SciencePaper-1 | Paper-2
CTSE,2016LawPaper-1 | Paper-2
CTSE,2016HorticulturePaper-1 | Paper-2
CTSE,2016GeologyPaper-1 | Paper-2
CTSE,2016General English and GKDownload
CTSE,2016ForestryPaper-1 | Paper-2
CTSE,2016Fishery SciencePaper-1 | Paper-2
CTSE,2016Electronics and Communication Engineering,DiplomaPaper-1 | Paper-2
CTSE,2016Electronics and Communication Engineering,DegreePaper-1 | Paper-2
CTSE,2016Electrical Engineering,DiplomaPaper-1 | Paper-2
CTSE,2016Electrical Engineering,DegreePaper-1 | Paper-2
CTSE,2016Computer Operator and Programming Assistant (COPA)Paper-1 | Paper-2
CTSE,2016Computer Engineering,DiplomaPaper-1 | Paper-2
CTSE,2016Computer Engineering,DegreePaper-1 | Paper-2
CTSE,2016Civil Engineering,DiplomaPaper-1 | Paper-2
CTSE,2016Civil Engineering,DegreePaper-1 | Paper-2
CTSE,2016ChemistryPaper-1 | Paper-2
CTSE,2016Chemical Engineering,DegreePaper-1 | Paper-2
CTSE,2016BotanyPaper-1 | Paper-2
CTSE,2016BiotechnologyPaper-1 | Paper-2
CTSE,2016BiochemistryPaper-1 | Paper-2
CTSE,2016Automobile Engineering,DiplomaPaper-1 | Paper-2
CTSE,2016Animal Husbandry and Veterinary SciencePaper-1 | Paper-2
CTSE,2016Agricultural SciencePaper-1 | Paper-2
CTSE,2016Agricultural Engineering,DegreePaper-1 | Paper-2
CTSE,2015ZoologyPaper-1 | Paper-2
CTSE,2015StatisticsPaper-1 | Paper-2
CTSE,2015SericulturePaper-1 | Paper-2
CTSE,2015PhysicsPaper-1 | Paper-2
CTSE,2015MicrobiologyPaper-1 | Paper-2
CTSE,2015Medical SciencePaper-1 | Paper-2
CTSE,2015Mechanical engineering,DiplomaPaper-1 | Paper-2
CTSE,2015Mechanical engineering,DegreePaper-1 | Paper-2
CTSE,2015MathematicsPaper-1 | Paper-2
CTSE,2015Information Technology,DegreePaper-1 | Paper-2
CTSE,2015HorticulturePaper-1 | Paper-2
CTSE,2015GeologyPaper-1 | Paper-2
CTSE,2015General English and GKDownload
CTSE,2015ForestryPaper-1 | Paper-2
CTSE,2015Food TechnologyPaper-1 | Paper-2
CTSE,2015Fishery SciencePaper-1 | Paper-2
CTSE,2015Electronics and Communication Engineering,DegreePaper-1 | Paper-2
CTSE,2015Electrical Engineering,DiplomaPaper-1 | Paper-2
CTSE,2015Electrical Engineering,DegreePaper-1 | Paper-2
CTSE,2015EconomicsPaper-1 | Paper-2
CTSE,2015Computer Science,DegreePaper-1 | Paper-2
CTSE,2015CommercePaper-1 | Paper-2
CTSE,2015Civil Engineering,DiplomaPaper-1 | Paper-2
CTSE,2015Civil Engineering,DegreePaper-1 | Paper-2
CTSE,2015ChemistryPaper-1 | Paper-2
CTSE,2015Chemical Engineering,DegreePaper-1 | Paper-2
CTSE,2015BotanyPaper-1 | Paper-2
CTSE,2015BiotechnologyPaper-1 | Paper-2
CTSE,2015BiochemistryPaper-1 | Paper-2
CTSE,2015Automobile Engineering,DiplomaPaper-1 | Paper-2
CTSE,2015Animal Husbandry and Veterinary SciencePaper-1 | Paper-2
CTSE,2015Agricultural SciencePaper-1 | Paper-2
CTSE,2015Agricultural Engineering,DiplomaPaper-1 | Paper-2
CTSE,2015Agricultural Engineering,DegreePaper-1 | Paper-2
NPSC Question Papers All Exams Free Pdf Download

Thousands of aspirants try their luck for the selection in prestigious civil services. Needless to say that only few achieve the target. If you are also going to appear in a exam then we recommend to check Nagaland NPSC Question Papers of last years. It gives a clear idea of exam structure. Besides, if a sensible plan is henceforth followed, it will open the path of success in your upcoming exam. After exam is completed you may check NPSC Results and download the same at given link. Here we are publishing the NPSC Previous Years Question Papers. All provided model question papers are free to download in Pdf format. NPSC Combined Competitive Exam Question Papers can be downloaded by candidates to prepare well for their upcoming examination. NCS, NPS, NSS & Allied Services Exam Question Papers are available in PDF/ZIP format and available to download for free. Download these exam papers and prepare well to your upcoming examinations. Good luck!

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