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Indian Army Syllabus 2023 download. Available GD, Tradesmen, Technical trades written exam syllabus. Genuine syllabus of Indian Army CEE strictly based on Indian Army GD Exam Pattern 2023. Indian Army Syllabus for JCO/OR Recruitment 2023 availability is confirm. Indian Army Syllabus for Clerk include the study of Geography, Math, English language and test of proficiency in Hindi language. On the other hand the Indian Army Syllabus Technical trades is based on physics, chemistry and computer knowledge. Aspirants who are appearing in common entrance examination are advised to free download Indian Army GD Book from reliable source. Also check relevant examinations syllabus in Indian Armed Forces.

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Indian Army Syllabus 2023

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Indian Army Syllabus 2023 for Agniveer, Havildar, Religious Teachers, Tradesmen, Soldier Technical, GD, Clerk and Storekeeper posts. The exam syllabus will have topics of following subjects. Candidates have to secure minimum prescribed marks to Join Indian Army.

  1. General Knowledge

This test includes questions relating to India and its neighboring countries. Questions are set especially to test knowledge about History, Culture, Geography and who’s who. Also the questions related to popular Indian Armed Forces, Abbreviations, Games, Awards, Terminology, Books and Authors, Continents and Sub Continents, Inventions and Discoveries, Indian Constitution are set. Questions may also be asked about International Organizations, Knowledge of Important events in the recent years, Current affairs of world events etc.

  1. English

Parts of Speech; Comprehension; Sentences; Tenses; Idioms and Phrases; One word substitution; Synonyms and antonyms etc.

  1. Mathematics

Fundamental arithmetical operations; Probability and Statistics; Analytical Geometry; Integral Calculus; Matrices & Determinants; Differential Calculus; Mensuration; Algebra; Number System; Area, Volume and Surface Area etc.

  1. Geography

Agriculture, Geomorphology, Human Geography, Climatology, Cultural Settlements, Oceanography, Biogeography, Environmental and economic Geography, Population, Regional Planning Models, Geography of India and Resources, Industry Transport, Communication and Trade, Contemporary Issues etc.

  1. History

Indian History from Ancient to Modern, Industrial Revolutions, India’s Freedom Struggle, Post Independence issues, World History including World War–I and World War–II, Economic depression, Communism, capitalism and socialism etc.

  1. General Science

Basic questions related to Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Paper will have questions based on fundamentals and day to day activities (like, difference between the living and non-living beings, basics of life & cells, protoplasms and tissues, basic of plants and animals, basic knowledge of human body, common epidemics, their causes and prevention etc.

  1. Physics

Type and properties of magnet, Simple Electrical Circuits, Force and Momentum, Sound waves, Physical Properties and States of Matter, Volume, Density and Gravity, Principle of Archimedes, Barometer, Motion, Velocity and Acceleration, Newtons Laws, Parallelogram of Forces, Stability and Equilibrium of bodies, Gravitation, Power and Energy, Heat, Reflection and refraction, Mirrors, Lenses, Electricity, Conductors, Ohms Law, Heating, Mass, Weight etc.

  1. Chemistry

Carbon and its forms, Formulae and simple Chemical Equations, Physical and Chemical changes, Symbols, Elements, Mixtures and Compounds, Properties of Air and Water, Chemical Combination, Preparation and Properties of Important Gases, Oxidation and Reduction, Acids, bases and salts, Natural and Artificial Fertilizers, Structure of Atom, Atomic, Valency.

  1. Biology

Basics of Biology, Uniqueness of human body, Study of Birds, Life Process, Human Beings, Food and Health, Food Yield, Balanced diet, Wasteful Food Practices, Cycles of materials, Habitat and Organisms, Ecological balance, Living resources, Adaptation.

  1. Computer

Click to download detailed syllabus of Computer exam
Basic of computer and Operating System; Concept of Memory; Input & Output Devices; Introduction to Windows, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point etc.

Indian Army Syllabus 2023 Download in Pdf Format

Indian Army Exam Pattern

Name of Post Indian Army Syllabus
Havildar SAC (Surveyor Auto Carto) Download Syllabus
Havildar Education (Science/ Arts) Download Syllabus
Religious Teachers (Pandit, Maulvi, Granthi, Padre, Monk) Download Syllabus
Agniveer Clerk/SKT (Storekeeper), JCO/ OR Download Syllabus
Agniveer GD (General Duty), JCO/ OR Download Syllabus
Agniveer TDN (10th/ 8th), Tradesmen Download Syllabus
Agniveer Technical (TECH), AMUN/AVIV Download Syllabus
Tech Nursing Assistant (NA) Download Syllabus
Sepoy (Pharma) Download Syllabus

Indiajoining is the most reliable govt job portal to download Indian Army Tradesman Syllabus 2023. The given syllabus is an overview of upcoming Indian Army Examination. Question papers are designed in such a way to test the general awareness of candidates regarding the environment around him. Questions will be set to examine your knowledge of current events and general matters of everyday observations and experiences. Please note that questions may also be asked other than the said topics, however, within the syllabus of CBSE. Indian Army GD Syllabus is always available to download for free.
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