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This page is the most updated guide on “How to Prepare for Indian Army Running” by cracking Army Bharti Race in One Month. Cracking Indian Army Race opens the door to secure your place in Join Indian Army Result list. Thus clearing the Indian Army Physical Fitness Test 2024 is the second hurdle for selection, being CEE the first one. Before you go further ahead check physical standards for Indian Army that is chest, height and weight. Sena Bharti Running Tips 1600 Meter Race give a clear idea to how to run as well as How to Complete Army Race in Excellent. Remember that it is always possible to clear Indian Army race in even one month preparation. So follow Indian Army In Depth Tips for Race and other physical tests.

Indian Army Physical Fitness Test 2024

Name of Test Criteria Max Marks
1600 Meter Run Up to 5 Mins 30 Secs [Group- I] 60
From 5 Mins 31 Secs to 5 Mins to 45 Secs [Group- II] 48
More than 5 Mins 45 Secs Fail
Pull Up 10 40
9 33
8 27
7 21
6 16
Balance Zig-zag is to qualify No marks
Ditch Jumping To jump a 9 Feet Ditch No marks
Total 100 Marks

How to Complete Indian Army Race in Excellent

How to run so that I complete army race in Excellent? Army ki race kaise complete karen, kaise bhage? These are the questions which they ask most. And the simple answer is- Practice, practice, and practice. Yes, this is the constant practice which makes you the winner of Indian Army Race. In addition there are some more physical events have to qualify the Indian Army Physical Test. For instance Ditch jumping, Pull Ups and Balance test. Following tests, carrying 100 marks, are held to during the Physical Fitness Test (PFT).

  1. 1.6 Km that is 1600 Meter Run.
  2. Zig-zag Balance.
  3. Pull Ups.
  4. 9 Feet Ditch.

How to Prepare for Indian Army Physical Fitness Test in 2024?

  1. Comply with physical standards

Measurement of physical standards is the very first step in Indian Army Bharti rally. Do you comply with the required army height, weight and chest? If no, you could be ineligible. So start exercising on physical work out from day one.

  1. Start practicing well in advance

Success is not obtained overnight. Especially it takes time to increase the physical endurance. Running for a long distance like 1600 meters requires excellent stamina. So start practicing at least 3 or 4 months before the Bharti Rally date.

  1. Be Consistent

Consistency helps a lot to achieve the goal. Make a schedule and follow that. Practice everyday and run routinely for at least twice a day. Morning is the best time for physical exercise. In addition, keep a steady pace while practicing for the Indian Army 1600m race. It is not advisable to run very fast, or sometimes slowly.

  1. Start with shorter laps

Start running for shorter distance. And later increase the distance day-by-day. Do not limit yourself to just 1600 meters. Aim for longer even after achieving the goal of Army 1600 meter race. Needless to say try to reduce the duration it takes to race. Everyday practice can make it easier.

  1. Wear the comfortable

The dress affects speed equally. Wear trousers instead of jeans. Similarly, use comfortable and correct shoes. In addition don’t forget to warm up the body before run.

  1. Practice on different surfaces

It is good to run on track. However practice on different surfaces, too. Run on the grounds as well as on road.

  1. Drink enough and fresh water

Keep yourself hydrated. Though drinking the water exact after or during the run isn’t good. At that time there may be sweat and body becomes warmer.

How to Clear Indian Army Written Exam?

Firstly be familiar with the exam pattern. Things become easier if you know the structure of Indian Army Common Entrance Examination. Secondly read the best book for Indian Army Exam. Thirdly keep solving the sample test papers. This makes you confident to clear the exam within a stipulated time. And finally observe the previous question papers as well. Sometimes the examiners put the questions from last year exams. In addition do yoga to keep yourself healthy. Last but not the least follow a routine schedule of study.

How to Clear Indian Army Physical Test for GD Clerk?

As stated above there is not a single way to prepare For Indian Army Physical Test. Everyone has it’s own strategy to prepare for Indian Army Recruitment. Though mostly follow some common training tips for 1.6 km Running. Do you also want running tips? Then read this page carefully and follow the instructions.

  • Be regular in practice as it is the key of success to achieve anything.
  • As the food would, so the mind will be. So eat healthy food. Especially at the time of dinner take light diet.
  • Do variable exercises because running is not the only event in Indian Army GD Physical Test. There are another 3 tests as well to qualify.
  • Regularly practice for ditch jumping, zig-zag balancing, and pull-ups. In addition do the long jumps and high jumps.
How to Crack the Indian Army Race in One Month’s Preparation?

Crack Indian Army Race in one month’s preparation is possible. Yes! You read right. You can do it. Though make and follow a proper schedule and be honest for that. Start exercising in morning as well as evenings. In addition, add frequent laps of running in noon. Practice alone so that none can disturb you. However, at times, join a group who preparing for the same. What it does is make you familiar to run in crowd as well.

Do not stick with running just on road or hard surface. In addition make it possible to run on the ground, too. Join a race track club for that. Always warm up the body before start running. Do some basic body stretches before the race.

5 Tips to Clear Sena Bharti Race 2024

Remember these expert advise for Indian Army Running Day. Sena Bharti Running Tips 1600 Meter Sena Bharti Running Area 1.6 km Indian Army In Depth Tips in 2024.

  • Take fresh water and light diet before the half an hour of run.
  • Haste makes waste. Hurry and worry can distract you at the time of running. So keep yourself calm.
  • Try to keep the mouth shut, and breath through the nose during the race.
  • Start in slow pace but keep increasing the speed gradually. Put the full efforts in last 2 rounds.
  • Zig-zag movement will increase the running length. So keep running as closer to the inner side of track as possible.
Is there provision of Extra Time for 1.6 Km Run in Hilly terrain?

Yes additional time is given for the 1600 meter race in case of Hilly terrains. See the following.

  • Between 5000 Ft to 9000 Ft – Additional 30 Secs to all timings
  • Between 9000 Ft to 12000 Ft – Additional 120 Secs to all timings
Should I run daily while preparing for the Indian Army?

Of Course yes! And running once in a day is just not enough. Practice at least twice a day, that is, in morning and similarly in evening. Even some aspirants exercise in hot noon to face the ground of real time situations.

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