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Gujarat Public Service Commission (GPSC) Answer Keys: Here are the latest released GPSC Answer Keys 2020. Download the solutions of competitive examinations’ question papers conducted by Gujarat Public Service Commission. Candidates may check here the status of GPSC competitive examinations answer solutions at below on this page. Direct download link to check the GPSC Final Answer Key is available with just a single click. Now there is no need to roam around the internet to check the answer sheets of GPSC recruitment tests. Get the date-wise listings of all key solution announcements issued by the Gujarat PSC.

Exam-wise GPSC Answer Keys 2020

GPSC Syllabus

GPSC Provisional Answer Key 2020

GPSC Results

Following table contains the provisional answer keys of various exam conducted by Gujarat Public Service Commission. Download your copy for free!

Advt.No.Exam NameGPSC Answer Key
85/2018-19Assistant Professor – AccountancyView paper
28/2019-20Horticulture OfficerDownload
107/2018-19Psychiatrist (Specialist Service)Final key
51/2019-20Professor, Obstetrics and GynaecologyDownload
50/2019-20Professor, MicrobiologyDownload
49/2019-20Professor, Tuberculosis & Chest DiseasesDownload
49/2018-19Assistant Engineer Mechanical – Water Resources DeptView Pdf
32/2019-20Assistant Engineer (Civil) – Water Resources DeptDownload
82/2019-20Assistant Engineer – ElectricalDownload
81/2016-17Assistant Professor – EconomicsFinal key
80/2018-19State Tax InspectorPrelims exam key
5/2019-20Child Marriage Prevention Officer cum District Social Defence OfficerDownload
25/2019-20Lecturer (Homoeopathy) SurgeryDownload
27/2019-20Accounts OfficerDownload
31/2019-20Dental SurgeonDownload
33/2019-20Professor, Forensic MedicineDownload
35/2019-20Professor, Community Medicine/Preventive and Social MedicineDownload
46/2019-20Professor, General SurgeryDownload
48/2019-20Professor, General SurgeryDownload
43/2019-20Professor, PaediatricsDownload
30/2019-20Law OfficerDownload
21/2019-20Assistant Director (Govt Printing and Stationery)Download
83/2019-20Dowry Prohibition Officer cum Protection OfficerDownload
83/2018-19Assistant Professor, BotanyView final key
39/2019-20Professor, BiochemistryDownload
42/2019-20Professor, PhysiologyDownload
38/2019-20Professor, PharmacologyDownload
45/2019-20Professor, General SurgeryDownload
44/2019-20Professor, General MedicineDownload
7/2019-20Deputy Director, HorticultureDownload
79/2018-19Assistant Engineer – CivilDownload
73/2018-19Curator, Sports Youth and Cultural Activities DeptDownload
126/2018-19Principal in Mountaineering Institute AbuDownload
29/2019-20Project Manager, Commissionerate of Cottage and Rural IndustriesDownload
22/2019-20Mechanical EngineerDownload
123/2018-19Scientific Officer (Chemistry)Final key
13/2019-20Associate Professor / Reader, Surgery (Homoeopathy)Final key
36/2019-20Professor, PathologyFinal key
37/2019-20Professor, AnaesthesiologyFinal key
19/2019-20Designated OfficerFinal key
16/2019-20Director of Archaeology and MuseumsFinal key
24/2019-20Vaidya Panchkarma / Deputy Hospital SuperintendentDownload
26/2019-20Lecturer (Homoeopathy), Obstetrics and GynaecologyDownload
6/2019-20Child Development Project Officer (Female)Download
15/2019-20Associate Professor / Reader, Practice of Medicine (Homoeopathy)(Prelims Exam) Final Key
98/2018-19Assistant Professor, Psychology(Prelims Exam) Final Key
12/2019-20Gujarat Medical and Health Service (CMS-1 and CMS-2)(Prelims Exam) Final Key
1/2019-20Lecturer Selection Scale (Professor) Agadatantra and Vidhi Vaidhayak(Prelims Exam) Final Key
18/2019-20Assistant Director, Horticulture/Subject Matter Specialist(Prelims Exam) Final Key
39/2018-19Programme Officer, WCD DeptFinal Key
2/2019-20Professor, Homoeopathy(Prelims) Final Key
11/2019-20Manager, Govt Printing & Stationary(Prelims) Final Key
10/2019-20GAS GCS Gujarat Civil Service Exam 2019Prelims key
92/2018-19Assistant Professor, Commerce(Prelims) Final Key
20/2019-20Deputy Section Officer / Deputy MamlatdarFinal key prelims exam
68/2018-19Lecturer (Anatomy)Prelims exam key
70/2018-19Dental Surgeon ESISView Pdf
81/2018-19Assistant Professor, HistoryPrelims exam key
94/2018-19Assistant Professor, Political SciencePrelims exam key
121/2018-19Assistant Director (Biology) Forensic Science DeptFinal key
124/2018-19Scientific Officer (Biology)Prelims exam key
5/2018-19Professor, Orthodontics and Danto Facial OrthopaedicsPrelims exam key
102/2018-19Joint Director, Industrial Safety and HealthPrelims exam key
9/2018-19Professor, Public Health DentistryPrelims exam key
96/2018-19Assistant Professor, LawPrelims exam key
118/2018-19Tutor PhysiologyFinal key
119/2018-19Tutor PharmacologyFinal key
84/2018-19Assistant Professor, IndologyPrelims final key
86/2018-19Assistant Professor, GujaratiFinal key
90/2018-19Assistant Professor – PhysicsFinal ans key
124/2018-19Scientific Officer – BiologyProvisional Key (Prelims)
59/2018-19Associate Professor / Reader (Pathology and Microbiology)GPSC (Prelims) Answer Key
112/2018-19Police Inspector (Unarmed)GPSC Provisional Key (Prelims)
125/2018-19Superintendent (Central Jail/Porbandar Special Jail)GPSC Provisional Key (Prelims)
104/2018-19Pathologist (Specialist Service)Answer Key
58/2018-19Associate Professor / Reader (Organon of Medicine)GPSC Provisional Answer Key
57/2018-19Associate Professor / Reader (Homoeopathy, Pharmacy)GPSC Provisional Answer Key
75/2018-19Chief Officer Municipal ServicePrelims Key
28/2018-19Ophthalmologist (ESIS)Final Key
19/2018-19Director (Libraries)GPSC Director (Prelims) Answer Key
33/2018-19Physician (ESIS)GPSC Physician (Prelims) Answer Key
29/2018-19ENT SurgeonGPSC ENT Surgeon (Prelims) Answer Key
113/2018-19Gujarat Engineering Service ExamFinal Key-Prelims
111/2018-19Agriculture OfficerFinal Answer Key (Prelims)
103/2018-19Microbiologist – Specialist ServiceGPSC Final Answer Key (Prelims)
100/2018-19Assistant Inspector of Motor Vehicle – MechanicalFinal key
100/2018-19Assistant Inspector of Motor Vehicle – AutomobileFinal key
47/2018-19Professor – Homoeopathic Materia Medica)GPSC Final Answer Key (Prelims)
117/2018-19Tutor – BiochemistryGPSC Final Key (Prelims)
58/2018-19Associate Professor / Reader – Organon of MedicineGPSC Final Key (Prelims)
57/2018-19Associate Professor / Reader (Homoeopathy, Pharmacy)GPSC Final Key (Prelims)
56/2018-19Associate Professor / Reader (Homoeopathic Materia Medica)GPSC Final Key (Prelims)
1/2018-19Assistant Commissioner of IndustriesFinal key
38/2017-18Police Inspector (Unarmed)Prelims exam key
93/2018-19Assistant Professor, ChemistryView key
52/2018-19TB and Chest Disease SpecialistView ans key
97/2018-19Assistant Professor – PhilosophyFinal key
87/2018-19Assistant Professor – MathFinal key
67/2018-19Lecturer – PhysiologyFinal key
17/2019-20Superintending ArchaeologistFinal key
116/2018-19Tutor Anatomy – Special RecruitmentFinal key
115/2018-19Tutor PathologyFinal key
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GPSC Syllabus | GPSC Answer Key | GPSC Results

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