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Gujarat Public Service Commission (GPSC) — Answer Keys
Office Address: CHH Road, Sector-10A, Gandhinagar-382010, Gujarat (INDIA)
Phone No.: +91-79-23258980

Here are the latest released GPSC Answer Keys 2018. Download the solutions of competitive examinations’ question papers conducted by Gujarat Public Service Commission. Candidates may check here the status of GPSC competitive examinations answer solutions at below on this page. Direct download link to check the GPSC Final Answer Key is available with just a single click. Now there is no need to roam around the internet to check the answer sheets of GPSC recruitment tests. Get the date-wise listings of all key solution announcements issued by the Gujarat PSC.

GPSC Results
GPSC Answer Key

GPSC Answer Keys 2018 Date-wise Download…

GPSC (Job, Result, Syllabus, Answer Key)
OJAS GPSC DySO Mamlatdar 2018 — Syllabus, Notification, Apply
» Application Date: 15.09.2018 to 01.10.2018
» Application Fees: Rs.100/-.

GPSC Provisional Answer Key 2019

Exam NameAnswer Key
Pathologist (Specialist Service), Advt.No.104/2018-19GPSC Answer Key (Prelims)
Associate Professor / Reader (Organon of Medicine), Advt.No.58/2018-19GPSC Provisional Answer Key
Associate Professor / Reader (Homoeopathy, Pharmacy), Advt.No.57/2018-19GPSC Provisional Answer Key
Chief Officer (AYUSH), Advt.No.75/2018-19GPSC (Prelims) Answer Key
Principal, Class-1 (AYUSH), Advt.No.30/2018-19GPSC Principal (Prelims) Answer Key
Ophthalmologist (ESIS), Advt.No.28/2018-19GPSC Ophthalmologist (Prelims) Answer Key
Director (Libraries), Advt.No.19/2018-19GPSC Director (Prelims) Answer Key
Physician (ESIS), Advt.No.33/2018-19GPSC Physician (Prelims) Answer Key
ENT Surgeon, Advt.No.29/2018-19GPSC ENT Surgeon (Prelims) Answer Key
Industries Officer (Technical) / Manager (Raw Material), Advt.No.14/2018-19GPSC IO Tech (Prelims) Answer Key
Anaesthetist, Advt.No.23/2018-19GPSC Anaesthetist (Prelims) Answer Key
Assistant Charity Commissioner, Advt.No.16/2018-19GPSC Assistant Charity Commissioner (Prelims) Answer Key
Administrative Officer, Advt.No.21/2018-19GPSC Admin Officer (Prelims) Answer Key
Assistant Commissioner of Industries, Advt.No.01/2018-19GPSC ACI (Prelims) Answer Key
Lecturer, Prosthetic and Orthotics, Advt.No.13/2018-19GPSC Lecturer (Prelims) Answer Key
Administrative Officer – ESIS, Advt.No.17/2018-19GPSC AO ESIS (Prelims) Answer Key
Assistant Geologist, Advt.No.2/2018-19GPSC Assistant Geologist (Prelims) Answer Key
Lecturer (Senior Scale) [Reader (Ayurved)], Panchkarma, Advt.No.20/2017-18GPSC Faculty Panchkarma Provisional Answer Key

GPSC Final Answer Key 2019

ExamAnswer Key
Geologist, Advt.No.76/2018-19GPSC (Prelims) Final Key
Deputy Director (Prohibition and Excise), Advt.No.18/2018-19GPSC Deputy Director (Prelims) Final Key
Principal (AYUSH), Advt.No.30/2018-19GPSC Principal (Prelims) Final Key
Clinical Psychologist, Advt.No.18/2017-18GPSC Clinical Psychologist (Prelims) Final Key
Lecturer (Selection Scale) (Reader), Swasthavritta, Advt.No.24/2017-18GPSC Lecturer Final (Prelims) Answer Key Revised
Lecturer (Selection Scale) (Professor), Kaya Chikitsa, Advt.No.30/2017-18GPSC Lecturer Final (Prelims) Answer Key Revised
Lecturer (Selection Scale) (Professor), Agadtantra & Vidhi Ayurved, Advt.No.25/2017-18GPSC Lecturer Final (Prelims) Answer Key Revised
Lecturer (Selection Scale) (Professor), Kriya Sharir, Advt.No.19/2017-18GPSC Lecturer Final (Prelims) Answer Key Revised
Lecturer (Selection Scale) (Professor), Rachna Sharir, Advt.No.18/2017-18GPSC Lecturer Final (Prelims) Answer Key Revised
Lecturer (Senior Scale) [Reader (Ayurved)], Dravyagun, Advt.No.21/2017-18GPSC Lecturer Final (Prelims) Answer Key
Lecturer (Selection Scale) (Professor), Rasa Shastra and Bhaishajya Kalpana, Advt.No.6/2017-18GPSC Lecturer Final (Prelims) Answer Key
Lecturer (Senior Scale) [Reader (Ayurved)], Shalya Tantra, Advt.No.28/2017-18GPSC Lecturer Final (Prelims) Answer Key
Lecturer (Selection Scale) (Professor), Prashuti and Striroga, Advt.No.10/2017-18GPSC Prashuti and Striroga Final (Prelims) Answer Key
Lecturer (Selection Scale) (Professor), Dravyaguna, Advt.No.05/2017-18GPSC Dravyaguna Final (Prelims) Answer Key
Lecturer (Selection Scale) (Professor), Rog Nidan and Vikrit Nidan, Advt.No.07/2017-18GPSC Rog Nidan and Vikrit Nidan Final (Prelims) Answer Key
Lecturer (Selection Scale) (Professor), Shalakya Tantra, Advt.No.11/2017-18GPSC Shalakya Tantra Final (Prelims) Answer Key
Technical Advisor (Chemical), Advt.No.43/2017-18GPSC TA Chemical Final (Prelims) Answer Key
Lecturer (Selection Scale) (Professor), Samhita Siddhant, Advt.No.01/2017-18GPSC Faculty Samhita Siddhant Final Answer Key
Lecturer (Selection Scale) (Professor), Kumarbhritya, Advt.No.13/2017-18GPSC Faculty Kumarbhritya Final Answer Key
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