DSSSB Cut Off Marks List: What is the cut-off marks list of DSSSB? This is the very frequent question asked from the candidates appeared in various competitive examinations of Delhi Subordinate Service Selection Board. They also ask about the expected cut-off score of upcoming exam results. And simply, this page is the answer of all such questions. This page updates the latest cut-off score as well as previous years marks lists of DSSSB. Download and check DSSSB Cut-Off Marks for the various posts of Teachers, PGT, Primary Teachers, TGT, EVGC, Lab Assistant etc. Access the below given tables to download DSSSB marks cut-off scores.

DSSSB Cut-Off Score & Marks List

Post Code Post Name Category wise Cut off Marks
127/14 Craft Instructor Secretarial Practice [English] Gen:88.50 | SC:62.25
50/15 LDC Lower Division Clerk – MCD UR:118.72 | OBC:91.16 | SC:103.96 | ST:73.83 | ESM:70 | OH:79.82 | HH:65.38 | VH:60.05
50/15 Manager Accounts – DSCSC Gen (Tier-I):81 | Gen (Tier-II):133.75
11/19 Legal Assistant 99.25 [Full cut off]
20/18 DASS Grade- IV / Junior Assistant Gen:147.37 | OBC:139.59 | SC:126.14 | SP:93.73 | ESM:87.53 | OH:120.54 | HH:68.02 | VH:96.57 [Full cut off]
02/17 DASS Grade- IV / Junior Assistant Gen:136.38 | OBC:119.60 | SC:119.72 | ST:74.87 | ESM:76.36 | OH:101.73 | HH:75.13 | SP:64.18 | VH:65.83 [Full cut off]
210/14 Physical Education Teacher Gen:86, OBC:67.75, SC:68, ST:60.50 [Full cut off]
38/13 Assistant Superintendent – Delhi Prisons Dept Gen:140.25, OBC:130.50, SC:116.25, ST:88.5, ESM:93.5 [Full cut off]
15/19 Assistant Teacher Primary General:117.59, OBC:111.83, SC:102, ST:86.08, EWS:109.65, PH/VH:86.48, PH/OH:98.52 [Full cut off]
72/14 Radio Telephone Operator in Fire Service Gen:96.15, OBC:70, SC:71.75, ST:61.25 [Full cut off]
07/19 Junior Engineer Electrical – DUSIB General:93.69, OBC:70.20, SC:75.51, ST:78.28, PH/OL:63.13, PH/HH:63.64, ESM:62.88 [Full cut off]
06/19 Junior Engineer Civil – DUSIB 121.85 [Full cut off]
93/17 PGT Home Science – Female General:145.25, OBC:104.25, SC:101.25, ST:99.25, PH/OH:97.75
19/15 Junior Clerk in DTC 150.87 [Full cut off]
76/14 Fitter Tradesman – DJB General:81, OBC:74, SC:61.50, ST:61
81/17 Patwari – Revenue Dept General 84.50, OBC 77.01, SC 74.33, ST 63.50, ESM 61.25
108/14 Craft Instructor Tool & Die Maker – Dies & Moulds General 85.75 [Full cut off]
62/15 Warder – Delhi Prison Dept General 121.79, OBC 106.92, SC 77.69, ST 71.03, ESM 82.31 [Full cut off]
40/13 Grade- II DASS General 112.75, OBC 104.5, SC 94, ST 88.25, OH/PH 82.75, HH/VH 82.25
06/15 Senior Scientific Assistant, Physics General 82.5, OBC 71
04/15 Laboratory Assistant, Physics General 70.5
07/15 Senior Scientific Assistant, Chemistry General 72
89/17 Assistant Teacher – Primary UR:118.62, OBC:110.40, SC:104.69, ST:86.30, PH/OH:102.17, PH/VH:86.18
149/17 EVGC, Female UR:120, OBC:105.25, SC:91.25 [Full cut off]
92/17 Domestic Science Teacher UR:80, OBC:70, SC:60, ST:61.5, PH/OH:64.5, PH/VH:66.75
16/17 & 01/18 Primary Teacher – MCD UR:117.52, OBC:98.50, SC:94.23, ST:60.72, PH/OH:88.17, PH/VH:60.98(VH)
88/17 Assistant Teacher – Nursery UR:80.75, OBC:70.75, SC:75.5, ST:60.75, PH/OH:70, PH/VH:64.75
91/17 Drawing Teacher UR:80, OBC:70, SC:64.25, ST:61, PH/OH:64
107/17 PGT Economics – Female General:159.34, OBC:134.34, SC:121.46, ST:97.47, PH/OH:107.83
121/17 PGT Math – Female General:124.49, OBC:107.32, SC:90.66
114/2017 PGT Political Science – Male General:160, OBC:130, SC:139, ST:133, PH(OH):145.75, PH(VH):130.25 [Full cut off]
133/17 TGT Math – Male General:82.05, OBC:81.41, SC:60.78, ST:73.32, PH(OH):76.00
136/17 TGT Natural Science – Female General:103.54, OBC:95.04, SC:88.15, ST:70, PH(OH):77.22
143/17 TGT Punjabi – Female General:81.75, OBC:71.25, SC:70, PH(OH):68.75
97/17 PGT Fine Arts – Female General:148.49, OBC:115.13, SC:119.40, ST:101.75, PH(VH):96.82
126/17 PGT Urdu – Male General:185.25, OBC:127
98/17 PGT Music – Male General:123.75
102/17 PGT Chemistry – Male General:157.02, OBC:141.47, SC:124.67, ST:94.57
138/2017 TGT Social Science – Female UR:97.69, OBC:88.19, SC:89.13, ST:73.95, PH/OH:75.63, PH/VH:71.62
137/2017 TGT Social Science – Male UR:86, OBC:71.75, SC:83, ST:74, OH/VH:81.75 [Full cut off]
133/2017 TGT Math – Male UR:82.05, OBC:81.41, SC:60.78, ST:73.32, PH/OH:76
136/2017 TGT Natural Science – Female UR:103.54, OBC:95.04, SC:88.15, ST:70, PH/OH:77.22 [Full cut off]
135/2017 TGT Natural Science – Male UR:80.96, OBC:73.73, SC:85.45, ST:69.31, PH/OH:73.06 [Full cut off]
143/2017 TGT Punjabi – Female UR:81.75, OBC:71.25, SC:70, PH/OH:68.75
141/2017 TGT Hindi – Female UR:131.29, OBC:125.01, SC:117.75, ST:109.90, PH/OH:100.12, PH/VH:95.33 [Full cut off]
132/2017 TGT English – Female UR:100.25, OBC:79.25, SC:75, ST:60.5, PH/OH:PH:65.75, PH/VH:74 [Full cut off]
95/2017 Physical Education Teacher – Female UR:121.75, OBC:106.25, SC:90.5, ST:97
94/2017 Physical Education Teacher – Male UR:151.75, OBC:126, SC:122.25, ST:91.75
97/2017 PGT Fine Arts – Female UR:148.49, OBC:115.13, SC:119.40, ST:101.75, VH:96.82
126/2017 PGT Urdu – Male UR:185.25, OBC:127
98/2017 PGT Music – Male UR:123.75
102/2017 PGT Chemistry – Male UR:157.02, OBC:141.47, SC:124.67, ST:94.57
110/2017 PGT Hindi – Male UR:211.83, OBC:181.25, SC:193.33, ST:186.90
104/2017 PGT Commerce – Male UR:174.16, OBC:158.56, SC:143.71, 90.86
101/2017 PGT Biology – Female UR:158.78, OBC:134.70, SC:122.41, ST:96.57, VH:93.81
122/2017 PGT Physics – Male UR:197.45, OBC:185.20
119/2017 PGT Geography – Female UR:155.56, OBC:125.25, SC:122.73, ST:121.72
109/2017 PGT English – Female UR:120.50, OBC:106.57, SC:91.67, ST:92.24, OH:94.19
108/2017 PGT English – Male UR:146, OBC:119, SC:124.5, ST:95.25, OH:123, VH:136.25
131/2017 PGT English – Male UR:85.75, OBC:71.75, SC:80.25, ST:65.5, OH:83.75, VH:81.75
115/2017 PGT Political Science – Female UR:150.5, OBC:129.25, SC:125.5, ST:97, VH: 101.75
59/15 Manager (Managerial Service Cadre) – DSCSC UR:130.50 | OBC:126.50 [Full cut off]
31/15 Assistant Law Officer – NDMC UR:92.25 | OBC:73 | SC:71.50 [Full cut off]
51/13 LDC Clerk in MCD [out of 200] UR:118.72 | OBC:91.16 | SC:103.96 | ST:73.83
99/14 Craft Instructor – Welder (Gas & Electric) UR:90.50 | OBC:72.25
All Junior Auditor 135 [Full cut off]
All Wild Life Inspector 82 [Full cut off]

DSSSB Junior Clerk Cut Off Marks

Delhi Subordinate Service Selection Board has release Junior Clerk DTC notification for 12th Pass govt job. There’s always a tough competition for DSSSB Junior Clerk exam, so it is good to prepare with full proof exam planning. Candidates can prepare their strategy while keeping in mind the previous score of DSSSB Junior Clerk Cut Off. Last year the tier-I cut off was 138 for Gen category which go to 150 marks in final cutoff. Dsssb aspirants can also apply for all India based SBI Clerk online form through official website.

DSSSB Cut-Off Marks — Trained Graduate Teacher (TGT) List

The given table contains the cut-off marks list for selection to the posts of Trained Graduate Teacher (TGT) in various subjects. The examination were conducted by Delhi Subordinate Service Selection Board (DSSSB). Download DSSSB TGT Marks Cut-Off List from the regularly updated table.

DSSSB Cut-Off List — Post Graduate Teacher (PGT) Marks

Check cut-off marks list for the posts of Post Graduate Teacher (PGT) in various subjects. The examination were conducted by Delhi Subordinate Service Selection Board (DSSSB). Download DSSSB PGT Cut-Off Marks List from the table.

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